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Why Use Carpet Protection Film?

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Carpet Protectors - Do They Work?

To find out whether carpet protection is a good solution for keeping your carpets protected, you must think about your usage. For instance, you may have someone in the room that is likely to walk on the carpets frequently, or you could be planning an office move or some renovation work. In these cases, you might need to invest in a carpet protector. Based on your needs and application, carpet protectors do work, and they come in different designs as well.

Why Use Carpet Protection Film?

There are many benefits to using a carpet protector, not least the desire to prolong the life of a carpet. If you live in an environment where employees, guests, family members or pets may be prone to making a mess or spilling drinks and other items, a carpet protector may prove to be the perfect solution. By spending a little extra money you will protect your carpet from all kinds of spills, foot traffic and building and decorating residues. In addition, use of a carpet protector can also guard against odours and fading from sunlight.


How does it work?

Carpet protectors are made of a self-adhesive, temporary film, and depending on your requirements this can come in standard or a more heavy duty variety, and the film provides up to 45 days of carpet protection. The film comes on convenient rolls and is safe to use as it is non-skid and crease free, although caution should still be used. The product is easy to apply and this can be done by hand or with an applicator. 

What is the film made of?

The film is composed of water based and eco-friendly materials, and the product is extremely durable and resistant to punctures. The self-adhesive film leaves no residue and is suitable for most carpets other than those that are 100% wool or silk carpets. However, not only can the film be applied to carpets but it is so versatile that it can be used for a range of other surfaces such as vinyl, lino, tiles, marble, glass, countertop surfaces and hardwoods.

Do I need a Carpet Protector?

Before you consider using a carpet protector it is vital that you also know the type of material you are dealing with. As already mentioned, carpet protectors come in different forms and you should choose based on personal preferences.

There are many factors to consider for getting carpet protection, such a size of the room and the volume of traffic on the floor. Carpet protection is great for those looking to keep their carpets safe for long. For the best result, add your carpet protector each time you are done cleaning your mat.

At Trio Plus you can find a range of carpet protection products available for your bespoke environments. Simply order the products online for a quick dispatch. 

How do I protect my carpet?

A carpet can be protected by an adhesive that is available right here at Trio Plus. A plastic film material which averts the dirt from sticking can be placed on the carpet. However, there are a variety of products to be used such as heavy-duty protectors. This depends on the preferences of the customer.

It can be protected by applying an adhesive carpet film that is ready in the market. An excellent substantial 100- micron, that is, a strong film. Also, they are easy to apply on the stairway and the durability takes over 5 years to replace it. The quality also ensures the reliability of the product and its maintenance in ensuring the carpet is clean.

Can you use the RAM board on the carpet?

Ram board is highly discouraged on the carpet. Ram board can be used directly to the floor in most cases. It may be less efficient when placed on the carpet as it is used commercially by contractors. A carpet protector will require lighter materials ranging from 2-3 mil film.

How do you keep plastic carpet runners in place?

This is possible through the use of rubber strips that range about 2-4 inches wide depending on the space covered by the carpet. The strips are adhesive thus when applied on the plastic runner they hold it firm to the ground. The strips should be in place before stretching the carpet. This keeps the carpet firm on the surface.

Carpet protectors are readily available here at Trio Plus. We offer durable protectors that range from heavy-duty to standard protectors depending on the customer’s choice. The variety in the products makes us a leader in the home and decor industries. The products to be used in protecting the floors are offered in consideration of customer satisfaction. Therefore, consulting is a major key in choosing the best product for the house.

This Is Why Carpet Protector Films Are Essential

Carpet protection films are used to protect surfaces from dust and other foreign materials temporarily. They are mainly used when a room or building space is being renovated. Users should know that the film cannot protect a carpet from humidity, corrosion, and chemicals. Generally, the film is designed to prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

Plastic Film Protector

This is the most common type of carpet protector film. It prevents dirt from reaching the carpet. One advantage of this plastic cover is that it does not dent quickly. It is suitable for both commercial and domestic use. Plastic film covers are easy to install and can withstand the heavyweight of furniture and bulky objects.

Why Do You Need A Carpet Protector Film?

Having a clean and well-maintained carpet is pleasing to the eye and your feet; a thick pilled carpet adds luxury to your living room but comes with an extra responsibility of keeping it clean and in good shape. Regular cleaning costs money and time, so no one would hesitate to embrace a technique that helps reduce the need to clean regularly.To replace your carpet, you will need to dig a lot more into your pocket. The best way to avoid such costs is by prolonging your carpet life. Cleaning your carpet is not enough; you need to go the extra mile and buy a carpet film protector. The following are advantages of using a carpet film protector:

  • Easier to Clean

Food spills, acid dyes, and clay form patches that are daunting to clean. They make your carpet look horrible and weary. Grease, dyes, and oils penetrates through the carpet fibres making it difficult to clean it. With a carpet cover, all the dirt will not reach your carpet. Using a protector makes cleaning easier by preventing stains from penetrating the carpet’s fabrics. For a rug without a protector, the stains like grease, oil and some drinks may become permanent if it has a bright colour. The barrier created by the protector against any dirt and spills make it easier to clean up any mess on any fabric type.

  • Durability

One significant benefit of using a protector for your carpet is that it will extend the life of your carpet. Stain protection means that you will reduce the number of times you clean your carpet, which will, in turn, reduce the wear and tear caused by the machinery and cleaning breach. The protector also protects the carpet from harmful elements such as dirt, water, mould, dirt and bacteria.A carpet cover will extend your carpets life. All you need is to wipe the film without interfering with the carpet. Washing your carpet regularly loosens its fibres, which results in quick wear and tear.

  • Cost-Effective

A carpet protector is easy to clean compared to cleaning a carpet. Besides, a carpet cover will reduce the chances of buying a new carpet now and then. The cost of regularly cleaning your carpet and replacing it after every 5-10 years due to fading can be very high. A carpet protector will help you save money by reducing cleaning costs and improving the durability. The protection minimises the number of times you clean your carpet in a year by half as a result of less dirt and stains. If you feel like it is time to get a protector for your carpet, consider choosing a reliable company like Trio Plus for quick supply of high quality, temporary floor and surface protection products throughout the UK.

  • Prevents Odours

Food spills and stains can cause a bad smell. The stains get into the fibres and mold and rot, to produce a filthy smell. Regular use of harsh chemicals when cleaning is a major cause of fading for carpets. You can, however, prevent the fading using a protector as it will keep stains and dirt from getting into your carpet, hence eliminating the need for regular cleaning. Carpets with a protector smell better due to the elimination of bacteria and stain odours.

  • Quality Air

Your living or working area is where you spend a lot of your time each day. Therefore, you should strive to make the place comfortable. Ensuring there is quality air is one of the critical factors in attaining a healthy environment. When you use a carpet film protector, your house will be free of dust, which can be allergic.

  • Improve Overall Appearance

Carpets attract a lot of dust. Also, dirt from people's shoes causes stains and formation of patches in a carpet. Carpet cover prevents the carpet from getting stained, thus maintaining an appealing appearance. 

1. Carpet protection for flat areas

If you own a company and you are worried that your floor carpet will not be appealing, then getting rug protection is the ideal decision for you. Get a thick product that durable and does not split easily. The flat areas protection can be used in commercial, residential and industrial areas. Moreover, the protection is easily removed from the carpet, and it is easy to apply without damaging your carpet. The protection film leaves your carpet looking good as new and prevents it from getting spills and stains that make it look old and ugly.

2. Heavy duty carpet protection

This product is excellent if you are expecting to have a lot of guests in your place. The heavy-duty stair and carpet protection works excellently and you don’t have to worry about your guests walking all over in stilettos. Moreover, the protection is excellent for your stairs as well as the flat floor. The protection is easy to apply and super easy to remove once you are done using it. Additionally, it is waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about wine and water getting to your carpet. It is also painted resistant, and if you have builders in your home, you can be at ease.

3. Standard protection

This standard protection product is used to protect your carpet from stains and spills. It is great to use when you have a small function in your home, and you are not expecting a lot of guests. It is great for any last minute events like a party, unexpected renovation in your home and decorating protection. The protection is slim, and you can barely notice it is there once you have it in place. The product has an eco-friendly adhesive which ensures that the carpet is covered entirely and it is easily removed and applied.

How to Protect Your Capet From Office Chair Wheels

An office chair is a must-have for any office set-up, either at home or at work. Nowadays, our offices also have carpets for decoration and easier cleaning. Office chairs are the most preferred as they allow seated mobility in the room, but the problem is that they can damage your carpet. Moving around with the office chair can cause indentations in your carpet or even tear through if they are broken. You can, however, solve this problem through simple solutions such as changing the chair wheels, using a chair floor mat or replacing the office chair.

  • Using a Chair Floor Mat

Carpet protection using a chair floor mat is the best option to protect your office carpet from indentations. These mats are relatively inexpensive, plus they are also designed for this purpose. Another advantage of using a carpet protector mat is that it makes movement on the carpet easier, thus preventing leg strain. They can also help whenever there are spill accidents.

You should, however, look for the best quality from a trusted supplier to avoid substandard mats that won’t serve you for long. If you are in the UK, you can make use of locally manufactured carpet protection products from Trio Plus for quick supplies and good quality.

  • Replace Your Office Wheels

The type of your office wheels is a huge determiner of whether you will end up with a ruined carpet or not. There are only two types of office chair wheels; plastic and roller-blade style wheels. Cheap and low-quality wheels cause more damage than high-quality rollers blade style wheels. If your office chair design allows replacement of the wheels, you can replace the low-quality wheels with high-quality roller blade style wheels. These wheels are available at affordable prices and replacement does not require professional help, plus you will have a smoother rolling and less worry about having dirt stuck on the wheels.

  • Replace the Office Chair

If you want a long lasting solution and your office chair design does not allow the replacement of the wheels, you can opt to buy a new office chair. This option comes last because purchasing an office chair is more costly than buying a mat or replacing the wheels, but it can also make sense if your office chair is also in bad condition. This time you can look for an office chair with high quality wheels to help you move freely and minimise the possibility of damaging your office carpet.

Where can I purchase carpet protection products?

It is important to ensure that you purchase carpet protection products from a reputable and established company such as Trio Plus. We are a globally renowned company and has been in business for more than 20 years. During that time customers have included Buckingham Palace, Royal Ascot and the Houses of Parliament, not to mention a wide range of luxury hotels. The company also have a number of films and television series on their roll call of customers, and have supplied their products to Hollyoaks, The X Factor and Casino Royale to name a few!

The high level of customer service Trio Plus provides extends from individuals to large national and international organisations such The National Trust and the NHS. The company welcome enquiries and visits and also offer a price beat guarantee on all their products as well as free next working day delivery.