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What Makes Indoor Sports Flooring Different?

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The athletics world is quite diverse. This is not just because of the various types of sports played but also due to the types of surfaces used. When designing sports flooring, it is important to ensure that when players fall, some of the impact is absorbed by the floor. Here is what makes sports flooring different from normal flooring.

They Have Some Flex

In a home, the common wood type for floors is maple. It is strong and it resists scratching. However, it would not work in a gymnasium. Sports flooring must have some flex. If you look carefully when you step onto a basketball court, the floor will sink by a few millimeters and springs back up. Of course, the designers work to ensure that it is not easy to notice. Otherwise, if it were too much, it would feel like to play on a trampoline.

Other Methods Use to Provide Flex

This same concept is used on kitchen floors where people have to stand for long hours. In kitchen floors, a thin padded layer is added to reduce fatigue levels for workers and protect the floor from damage. To achieve in the indoor sports flooring, some gym will have small rubber discs full of air set about a foot apart all over under the gym. It helps to reduce knee injuries and combat fatigue.

They Have Many Coats of Polyurethane

When a sports floor is installed, it gets two coats of urethane sealant. The sealant is preferred due to the shiny appearance it gives. The game lines and graphics are then painted on top of these two coats. After the graphics are in place a finishing coat of two more urethane coats are added. At the end of it all, all the graphics are buried under coats of urethane. This is what makes the graphics appear as if they are part of the floor.

Protecting the Spots Floor- Benefits of a Ram Board

During exams, you will need to protect the indoor sports flooring. This can be achieved using the RAM Board provided by Trio Plus. Not only do they offer floor protection for sports floors, but they also have products that can protect all kinds of surfaces for their clients in the UK. Other surfaces they protect include windows, protection for doors, frames, carpets, and hardwood floors. If you feel that you have an expensive surface, which should be protected, you need to get in touch with us today on 01372 747 555

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