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The Benefits of Sticky Tac Mats

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It can be difficult to keep the floor clean, especially when messy work is being undertaken. Sticky tacky mats are a perfect solution to this problem, and here are some reasons why.

One Way Dirt Transference

Sticky tacky mats are made up of multiple layers, and each layer is coated with a non-transferable resin. This ensures that that the tackiness of the mat stays where it is, and does not result in the soles of passing shoes being tacky also. It is typically placed in an area where foot traffic will have to cross it, such as a doorway. As it is stepped on, the sticky resin pulls any loose dirt and dust from contacted surface.


Naturally, as sticky tacky mats become saturated with dirt and dust, they will eventually lose their effectiveness. This is where the aforementioned layers come in to play. When the stickiness of a particular layer has been compromised, the top-most layer can simply be peeled away to reveal a fresh one. Each layer is very thin, meaning many layers can be stacked without the overall mat becoming excessively thick and impractical.


These mats can be useful in any situation where an area needs to be kept clean of outside contaminants, however they are particularly useful in food-based businesses, clean room setups (such as in laboratories), and construction. Whether it be simply to keep the carpet clean at a private home that is being re-decorated, the kitchen floor at a busy restaurant, or even used in conjunction with temporary screening to create clean room environments on the go. A sticky tacky mat can be placed at the threshold for a quick and effective solution to transient dirt.

Suits Your Needs

Sticky tac mats come in a wide variety of sizes, making them perfect for many different spaces and situations. They don't weigh much and don't take up much space, making them a very convenient solution—be it temporary or permanent—for keeping a floor clear of outside contaminants.

In a appearance, a sticky tacky mat is similar to a regular welcome mat that you might find in any commercial or private building. Simply place it in an area where foot traffic coming into the space that is to be kept clean must pass (such as a doorway) and peel the topmost layer away when saturated.

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