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The Benefits of Ram Board Protection

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Ram Board is a temporary floor protection material developed for industrial, commercial or residential use. Besides protecting floors, it can also be used as protection for other surfaces such as stairs, counter tops, thresholds and wall surfaces.

This heavy duty, breathable product, provides several important features and benefits which include the following:

  • Easy transportation – this temporary protection product is different to most other similar products, in that it comes in a roll, making it exceptionally easy to transport and install and therefore also incredibly efficient and cost-effective.
  • Tough and reliable – Ram board is incredibly strong and if installed correctly, will be able to withstand the toughest of conditions for at least six months. The constant movement of fork lift trucks for example, will be no match for this tough, reliable material.
  • Breathable – no need at all to remove this temporary floor protection at the end of each day, because the vapour cure technology used in the manufacturing process, allows the concrete slab to breathe even when covered by the protection material. This time-saving feature helps to improve budgets and timescales of all projects.
  • Spill Guard – this protection product is made with a spill guard that is effective for up to three days, eliminating the impression of many people, that cardboard is not waterproof. Detergent can be used to keep a work space clean three times in a row before it will be necessary to discard and replace the material.
  • Environmentally friendly – industries of all types are becoming more aware of how important it is to find more sustainable methods of working in order to prevent further damage to the environment. Apart from being FSC certified, this material, being 100% recyclable, makes it an entirely eco-friendly product as well.
  • Built-in wall guard – this protection product is made with three different fold lines, so as to protect walls at various heights. These fold lines act as built-in wall guards that eliminate the use of duct tape. Besides making it easier to remove the material when a project comes to an end, it also eliminates the need to clean off the unsightly marks left on the wall when duct tape is removed.

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