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Standard vs. Heavy Floor Protection

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Standard or heavy floor protection protects the floor from getting dirty and wearing out. Floor protection is suitable in an office to protect it from office chairs or from wetness from a water dispenser. A floor protector should be of the right size to fully cover the floor section that is at a risk of damage.

Standard Floor protection

Standard protection is suitable on floors where abrupt events occur, for instance, sudden renovations, a party, decoration, or painting. Whether your floor is made of wood, carpet or tile, there is a floor protection product for each type of floor.  Trio Plus Distribution Ltd is a company that provides floor protection for commercial, residential, and industrial use in a variety of roll sizes. 

We provide protection film that is 10 microns thicker than what our competitors provide. Some types of floor protection fit all floor types but others require definite uses. Contact Trio Plus for a floor assessment where we will guide you on the best type of floor protection for you.

Heavy Floor Protection

Heavy floor protection provides breathable and durable protection to floors from various types of traffic. Construction traffic can damage the floor and work sites that may be costly in the long run. There are other areas where there is heavy machinery traffic such as from fork trucks and scissor lifts. 

Floors in these areas need protecting as they will get damaged if left exposed. The types of heavy floor protection provided by Trio Plus is able to withstand puncture, tear, and it is impact resistant. Places that have thick carpets such as the stairs need protection due to the amount of traffic they experience. A carpet protector will create a barrier against dirt, falls and untidiness created by constructors.

Standard vs. Heavy Floor Protection

The type of floor protection to use depends on the kind of traffic or situation you are protecting it from. If it is in an office or at home, you can use standard protection to protect from chairs, tables, water dispensers and on stairs. The floor protection prolongs the life of your floor making it last long.

If you have construction in your premises that could take a while to complete or there is movement of heavy machinery, heavy floor protection would be ideal for the premises. The floor protector will be a shield against tear, puncture, and also be able to withstand impact from the machinery.