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Ram Board Floor Protection Product FAQs

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Ram Board is a temporary floor protection material developed for industrial, commercial or residential use. It is a robust floor cover that is suited to construction sites and heavy duty industrial operations. Ram Board is a favourite choice of floor protection professionals everywhere. Besides protecting floors, it can also be used as protection for other surfaces such as stairs, counter tops, thresholds and wall surfaces.

There are many times when you will be required to adequately protect your floors during a construction project. From painting and decorating to more in-depth tasks such as building an extension, there are several options at your disposal.One highly effective technique is to use Ram Board. Let's take a closer look at this method before addressing some essential questions.

Who Invented Ram Board?

The unique selection of Ram board products can trace their history back to 1999. Interestingly enough, this material was originally engineered for the movie industry in order to protect floors during filming.

Due to its sheer versatility as well as its inherent cost-effective nature, it was not long before Ram Board became available to the average consumer. It is now heavily used within the construction sector although individual homeowners can likewise leverage its unique benefits.

Is Ram Board Waterproof?

One of the issues associated with some types of floor protection (such as rolls of paper and drop cloths) is that water can penetrate to the underlying surfaces. This will present a very real problem when dealing certain materials such as wood and carpet.

The good news is that Ram Board is waterproof due to the inclusion of a proprietary system known as Exclusive Spill Guard™. You will therefore be provided with an additional level of protection against substances such as paints, water and solvents.

Can You Paint Ram Board?

Although this barrier is capable of offering a superior level of floor protection, it should also be noted that Ram Board can be painted if desired. However, we need to keep in mind that an initial coat of primer will likely be required so that the underlying colour is prevented from "bleeding through".

Once this primer has dried, you can add one or more top coats (either latex or oil-based paints) associated with the colour of your choice.

How Do You Install Floor Protection Boards?

Before you install the floor protector, you will have to cut it to a good size. For this purpose, you should use multi-cutters. Other tools can still be used to cut the floor protector, but the results may be poorer. To join the board seams, you can use vapour-cure tapes or seam tapes. Since these tapes are not vapour-permeable, you can expect varying curing rates. If you want to secure the board directly to the floor, you can use the Edge Tape. This tape should be used on hard floors, and it should not stay for more than 14 days. If you want to spend the shortest time installing the protector, you should lay it on the floor with the logo side up.

You will also find it beneficial to buy many tapes for seaming, especially if you intend to use the protector many times. Nothing else will stick to the board.

Why Should You Use Floor Protection Boards?

New floors can easily get damaged, and this will cost you a lot of money in repairs. To avoid these costs, you can use this floor protector. The cost of the protector is much lower than that of a floor repair or replacement. The protector you buy can be used many times over as it is designed to last for a very long time. Also, this floor protector is made using 100% recyclable materials, including carbon, paper, and ply-fibres. By using it, you will be contributing to a better environment.

How to Install Ram Board in Gyms?

Ram Board provides temporary heavy-duty floor protection during construction or renovations. It's carefully engineered to guarantee optimum safety for concrete, wood, vinyl, linoleum or stone floors. Ram Board is produced in rolls, which are 96.52 cm wide and 30.48 meters long, with a weight of around 22 kg. And one roll will cover about 29.5 square meters.

Before installing the product, you should clean up the surface that requires protection. In case you don't remove all debris between the board and the floor surface, the floor may be damaged. The best and fastest way to install Ram Board is with the logo facing up. Lay the product on the floor and roll it out to the determined length and use a utility knife to cut it when it's away from the floor. Overlap its sides and use the Ram Board Seam tape to connect them.

How Long Does Ram Board last?

Ram Board is a heavy-duty indoor sports flooring protection solution. The 1.15 mm thick boards protect indoor sports surfaces from being damaged during game play or an event, due to forceful foot impact and foot traffic. The Flex Fiber technology allows vapors and moisture to escape and protects the floor. 

All raw materials used during Ram Board's production are 100% recycled fibers including ply fibres, OCC fibre scrap, reinforcers and mixed fibre waste. Ram Board protection sheets can be used for many years thanks to the strong design, which withstands heavy abrasion and impact.

Is Ram Board Suitable For Use On Construction Sites?

Ram Board is ideal for use on construction sites due to its hardness. It features a 'Vapor Cure' technology which allows moisture to escape during the curing of concrete and other types of floors. It can also be used in construction projects where managers may not have time to wait for recently constructed surfaces to cure.

Ram Board is waterproof, making it suitable for construction sites with different levels of dampness. It is applicable to projects that require different shapes and sizes of floor cover because it is easy to cut. Ram Board comes in a highly portable roll that makes it easy to rollout on the floor. It can be a short term solution for surfaces that need expensive repairs or renovations.

Can Ram Board Be Reused?

Yes, Ram Board sheets are made from strong materials and reinforcers. Their increased resistance against damage, spills, mud, and paint is provided by the Spill Guard technology. And the Flex-Guard feature guarantees flexibility, which protects the sheets from impact. 

So, to fully protect indoor sports flooring, visit Trio Plus Distribution and order the necessary quantities of Ram Board sheets to cover the full surface of the gym. By ordering from Trip Plus Distribution, you'll enjoy the best rates on the market and streamlined delivery with free shipping available for orders throughout the UK.

What are the Benefits of Using Ram Board?

Ram Board is designed with efficiency and high-performance in mind and offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • top-level protection against abrasion, heavy foot traffic;
  • its Spill Guard technology protects the sheets against mud, paints, water or stains
  • it's made of recycled materials which are certified by the FSC
  • at the end of its useful life, Ram Board sheets can be recycled;
  • through Flex-Guard, the sheets allow the floor to breath, eliminating any risk of damage; and
  • Ram Board is a safe and non-toxic protection solution for any interior sports flooring.

This heavy duty, breathable product, provides several important features and benefits which include the following:

  • Easy transportation – this temporary protection product is different to most other similar products, in that it comes in a roll, making it exceptionally easy to transport and install and therefore also incredibly efficient and cost-effective.
  • Tough and reliable – Ram board is incredibly strong and if installed correctly, will be able to withstand the toughest of conditions for at least six months. The constant movement of fork lift trucks for example, will be no match for this tough, reliable material.
  • Breathable – no need at all to remove this temporary floor protection at the end of each day, because the vapour cure technology used in the manufacturing process, allows the concrete slab to breathe even when covered by the protection material. This time-saving feature helps to improve budgets and timescales of all projects.
  • Spill Guard – this protection product is made with a spill guard that is effective for up to three days, eliminating the impression of many people, that cardboard is not waterproof. Detergent can be used to keep a work space clean three times in a row before it will be necessary to discard and replace the material.
  • Environmentally friendly – industries of all types are becoming more aware of how important it is to find more sustainable methods of working in order to prevent further damage to the environment. Apart from being FSC certified, this material, being 100% recyclable, makes it an entirely eco-friendly product as well.
  • Built-in wall guard – this protection product is made with three different fold lines, so as to protect walls at various heights. These fold lines act as built-in wall guards that eliminate the use of duct tape. Besides making it easier to remove the material when a project comes to an end, it also eliminates the need to clean off the unsightly marks left on the wall when duct tape is removed.

Other Benefits

Ram Board is a very versatile floor cover that can be used for a wide range of hard floors such as marble, hardwood, slate and linoleum. It is environmentally friendly because all its components are recyclable. The product does not leave behind ugly marks and residue on the surface.

If you need Ram Board to cover surfaces on your heavy duty industrial facilities or construction sites, order from Trio Plus. We are very responsive and have an excellent reputation for supplying customers with high-quality floor and surface protection products across the UK. 

If you have been looking for a heavy-duty form of protection when undertaking a construction project, you will not be disappointed with what Ram Board has in store. Please contact one of our representatives directly if you have additional questions.