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Protective Face Masks FAQs

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What you need to know about protective face masks

Lockdown measures that had been imposed by governments in many countries around the world are being eased. However, this does not mean that the war against the highly contagious coronavirus is over. Mandatory donning of protective face masks when out in public has now been adopted in many countries to enable people come out of lockdown and still reduce the spread of corona virus.

Many people have used protective face masks in the UK for the first time over the past few months. Due to this, many facts regarding the safe use of protective face masks are still unknown. We try to address some of the questions that are commonly asked about face masks in the UK.

What types of protective facemasks are available?

There are three types of face masks available to protect yourself. These are:

  • KN95/ N95 masks
  • 3 ply Surgical masks
  • Cloth masks

How do the different masks differ in terms of protection?

KN95 and N95 masks are very effective in protecting against harmful particles and viruses that are spread through air. They have a filtration capacity of 95%. These masks are not readily available and are expensive. People who are at high risk of contracting coronavirus should use these masks.

3 ply surgical masks are loose fitting and protect a person from inhaling droplets. They do not protect against viruses. These are the recommended masks for the general population who are not at a high risk of contracting coronavirus.

Cloth masks only protect the person wearing them against inhaling large particles and dust. They do not offer protection from viruses.

Is it mandatory to wear face masks in the office workplace?

Protective facemasks in UK require to be worn by anyone going out in public or places where many people come into contact with one another. The office workplace has many employees who interact with clients from time to time. Therefore, everybody in the office workplace requires using a facemask at all times.

Should teachers and students wear face masks in school?

Students and teachers should wear protective facemasks when in school because they require to interact with each other. The classroom houses many students and teachers who move from one class to the next need to reduce chance of catching or spreading the virus.

Should you use a new protective mask everyday?

You should use a new mask everyday if you are using the three-ply surgical type of protective facemask. KN95 and N95 masks can be sanitised and re-used a few times. Cloth facemasks can be washed with hot water and sanitised for re use as well.

Where can you purchase protective facemasks in UK?

Protective face masks can be purchased online via Trio Plus. We supply personal protective equipment as well as quality, temporary floor, door and surface protection products.