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Most Common Causes of Glass Damage

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Glasses can get damaged by many different factors. The damage can occur during the refurbishment process, the construction of a new project, or after construction. Here are some common causes of glass and window damage:

  • Poor Installation
  • Windows should be installed in the early stages of the construction process, and this ensures that they are watertight. In some cases, the installation process is handled poorly and can result in some structural issues. Such problems can cause leaks and cracks on the glass. The leaks can easily lead to expansions and contractions on the frame of the glass, and this will lead to cracking and breakage. To prevent the glass from getting damaged, you should ensure that the glass is secured and sealed tightly. Also, the technician can install a glass protection film.
  • Cold Weather and Strong Winds
  • If you live in a place with extremely cold temperatures or strong winds, you might notice cracks on your windows more frequently. Cold weather can make the glass to contract, and ice will form around the glass. When the place gets warmer, the glass might expand and break. Strong winds are not as damaging as cold winds, but they can also lead to some cracks. This is because they blow debris to your window continuously.
  • Ageing
  • Windows are also subject to wear and tear. There are many elements in the environment which can affect the state of your windows. In some cases, the windows will simply crack because of the expansion and contraction of surrounding structures. If your windows are very old, they are likely to crack with time.
  • Poor Quality of Glass
  • Just like other products, glasses come in different qualities. If you shop from a poor-quality manufacturer, you can expect the glass to crack in a short period. It is important to work with a high-quality supplier of construction products like Trio Plus. Such glasses will not crack quickly. Distributors like Trio Plus will also ensure that the glasses purchased fit properly. Ill-fitting glasses will be easily damaged.

    Glasses can get damaged for many reasons. They can be broken by cold weather, strong winds, and other elements in the environment. It is also important to check the quality of your windows. Some windows are very poor in quality, and they can crack after a very short time of use. You should also ensure that you work with a high-quality technician since poor installation can lead to breakages. You can protect your glasses from breakage by installing a glass protection film.