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Is Carpet Protector Worth It?

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Reasons Why You Should Consider Using A Carper Protector

Carpet Protection

Having a clean and well-maintained carpet is pleasing to the eye and your feet; a thick pilled carpet adds luxury to your living room but comes with an extra responsibility of keeping it clean and in good shape. Regular cleaning costs money and time, so no one would hesitate to embrace a technique that helps reduce the need to clean regularly. 

The use of a carpet protector is one of these techniques, but does it work? If you are still wondering how it works, below are some of the reasons why you should consider giving it a try.

Durability and Protection

One significant benefit of using a protector for your carpet is that it will extend the life of your carpet. Stain protection means that you will reduce the number of times you clean your carpet, which will, in turn, reduce the wear and tear caused by the machinery and cleaning breach. The protector also protects the carpet from harmful elements such as dirt, water, mould, dirt and bacteria.

Easier Cleaning

Food and drinks spills are expected at home, especially if you have kids around. Using a protector makes cleaning easier by preventing stains from penetrating the carpet’s fabrics. For a rug without a protector, the stains like grease, oil and some drinks may become permanent if it has a bright colour. The barrier created by the protector against any dirt and spills make it easier to clean up any mess on any fabric type.

Better Appearance and Smell

Regular use of harsh chemicals when cleaning is a major cause of fading for carpets. You can, however, prevent the fading using a protector as it will keep stains and dirt from getting into your carpet, hence eliminating the need for regular cleaning. Carpets with a protector also smell better due to the elimination of bacteria and stain odours.


The cost of regularly cleaning your carpet and replacing it after every 5-10 years due to fading can be very high. A carpet protector will help you save money by reducing cleaning costs and improving the durability. The protection minimises the number of times you clean your carpet in a year by half as a result of less dirt and stains. If you feel like it is time to get a protector for your carpet, consider choosing a reliable company like Trio Plus for quick supply of high quality, temporary floor and surface protection products throughout the UK.