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How To Stay Protected At Work From Covid-19

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With restrictions following the Coronavirus pandemic still firmly in place, it is important to continue to stay protected at work from Covid-19. Here are some simple tips to follow in order to stay safe at work and minimise any risk from contracting or transmitting the virus.

Wash Your Hands

It may seem simple enough, but it is surprising how easy it can be to forget to frequently wash your hands. If you commute by public transport, always be sure to wash your hands as soon as you reach your place of work. Do so frequently throughout the day, using hand sanitiser in between if washing hands isn't possible.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a protective face mask is now mandatory in many workplaces and can not only help to protect against catching Covid-19 but from transmitting it too. When wearing a mask, always be sure to cover your nose and mouth and try not to touch your mask if you have not washed your hands first. In workplaces where frequent communication between employees and clients is essential, try wearing a face shield instead. Remove carefully once home, taking your mask off by the ear loops only. Wear a fresh mask every day to prevent virus transmission.

Two Metres

Keeping a distance may be challenging in some workspaces, but maintaining the recommended two metre distance is an important factor when trying to stay protected against Covid-19. To make things easier, try to minimise the amount of employees and clients in any workplace at any one time.

Track and Trace

The Government have recently released the NHS track and trace app, which can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone. By using the app, you can monitor who at work may have come into contact with someone who has a positive Covid-19 test. This can then help to prevent employees unwittingly spreading the virus to others who share their workspace.

Change Clothes

Whether you wear a uniform or not, changing clothes from work as soon as you get home can help minimise any risk of transmitting Covid-19. Just as wearing a clean mask daily is important, it is also vital to wear clean uniform and clothes daily in order to prevent contracting and spreading Covid-19 at work.

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