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How To Protect Your Stairs

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Ideal and Lasting Protection for Your Stairs


Construction is messy. Whether it's a new build or renovation, the various jobs involved can leave surfaces dirty and dusty. Stairs are some of the areas that need protection during construction. They are also the hardest to protect, especially carpeted ones. Finding the right stair protection material can be a nightmare. You need material that is flexible enough to roll down the stairs without too much work. It must also be hard wearing to survive the traffic. You have to factor in the various risks posed by construction like tripping and falling. Stair protective film is designed specifically to keep stairs in good condition when building. Trio Plus is one place to get superior quality film for your carpet stairs.

Heavy-duty Protection

Impact protection is a crucial determinant when choosing protective film. Whatever the job, people might need to go up and down several times. Depending on the amount of traffic, the protective cover can wear out in days. A good film should be hard wearing enough to accommodate regular use. It must be highly resistant to tears, punctures and leaks. The life span of a protective film depends on the material, the amount of traffic and duration. Consider all this when picking a product.

Maintaining the Look

A huge motivation to invest in carpet protective film is to prevent damage to the surface. Whatever the type of carpet on your stairs, you must ensure that it doesn't lose its appearance and lustre after a project is over. When dust, debris and dirt accumulate on the stairs, it can cause irreparable damage to carpeted surfaces. Spillages can stain the stairs, requiring costly cleaning later. Besides construction projects, protective film is perfect when expecting a significant rise in traffic, like during a party.

Adhering to Safety Requirements

Any decent carpet protection for stairs should be safe. Regardless of the material, stairs can get slippery after a while, making the surfaces prone to accidents. The protective film designed for stairs has non-skid properties, allowing it to stick to the surface without slipping. You should be able to apply the film such that it doesn't move around when walking on it.

Trio Plus stocks high-quality stair protection products to suit numerous requirements. Customers can expect to find protective film that is easy to use, durable and flexible. The carpet film rolls out quickly and fits the treads and risers nicely. Get protective film in different measurements to suit specific requirements. If you need protection for other surfaces like wood or tiles, Trio Plus has the appropriate products.