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How to Protect Wood Floors

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Wood floors have increasingly become the most preferred flooring option, and for good reasons too. They are known to give a magnificent and remarkable appearance, whether installed at the office or other property. Additionally, wooden floors blend nicely with most office environment's décor sets and furniture.

Despite being durable, wooden floors are vulnerable to damage due to daily activities. However, you don’t have to panic. Here are a few floor protection measures you can take to prevent wear on your wooden floor.

Use Rags and Mats

Placing rugs or mats at high traffic points such as entries prevents stones, debris and grit from making their way to your floor. Invest in a quality and durable mats such as the Sticky Tac Mat from Trio Plus to keep your office or home floor safe. Also, consider keeping shoes out of the room as they are the primary source of dirt and particles.

You should also set mats below furniture to prevent scratches and also trap dirt. When renovating, you can use the self-adhesive protection film form Trio Plus. This quality and convenient coat protect your floor from spills and dirt for up to 45 days. What’s more, it leaves no residue, keeping your floor as clean and safe as possible.

Protect the Floor From Furniture

While wooden floors blend well with furniture, they can cause scratches and dents, especially when being moved. Use felt pads on your furniture feet to prevent the scratches and also trap dirt and particles. These pads create a protective layer that prevents the rough edges of your furniture from scratching the floor. They also allow for dragging of furniture without damage to the floor. Sanding old or uneven furniture legs also keep your floor safe.

Clean Regularly

This is the basic yet one of the most effective floor maintenance practices. You can use a vacuum with hardwood floor attachment features to get rid of the dirt particles and grit that accumulates on the floor. A dust mop or broom and moist microfibre pad can also work like magic. However, avoid using wet mops as they can mess with the finishing. Even worse, wet mops can leak water into the wood, making it swell and eventually decay. Any spills on the floor should be wiped out immediately using a soft and dry cloth. Also avoid cleaners containing chemicals like Ammonia, vinegar, wax or polish that may mess your floor coating.

You can also get a variety of quality and durable floor protection products from a Trio Plus, such as the Correx, Ram Board and the Fleece. Ordering is super-easy, and you get to enjoy free delivery services.

Renew the Finishing

Renewing the finish brightens up your floor and gives it a new protection layer. Carefully and lightly sand the floor before applying fresh coats of your preferred polyurethane. It can be done yearly, depending on the status of your floor and your maintenance plan.

Keeping your floor safe and long-lasting is no difficult task, especially when you get the right products and tools. Heavy furniture should never translate to a dull floor. The above tips will go a long way to ensure the magnificent status of your wooden floor is maintained. Contact Trio Plus to enjoy quality floor protection products and enjoy free delivery services.