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How To Protect Painted Stairs

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Staircases vary based on the composition of the material that makes them. The material could range from untreated wood, marble, cast iron, limestone, metal, glass, lumber, sandstone, steel, concrete, or reinforced concrete. When carrying out renovations or during reconstruction, it is imperative to protect your stairs to avoid damage.

There are several types of stair protection material available on the market. You can get a carpet cover, heavy-duty adhesive protective film, multi cover, or floor cover. Each cover type is suitable for different staircases depending on the material of the stairs.


Protecting Painted Staircases

The most suitable protection for painted staircases is the multi cover self-adhesive protection fleece. It comes in two options: standard and premium, and can be used for either painted or varnished stairs. The multi cover is super strong with protection against moisture and offers excellent protection.

Both product types are suitable for commercial, industrial, or residential use. The roll sizes also vary, but they are all sizeable, enough to cover the whole staircase, dependent on length.

Other Protective Measures

However, you also protect painted staircases from various things, such as dogs and other small pets. Pets can be very messy at times. Thus, it is advisable to use restrictions and keep them away from the staircase and protect them from accidents like slipping on the wet paint. If the paint is dry, you can use water and soap to clean the steps. You also have to make sure you rinse and dry them well. When the staircase has a sleek finishing, you may have to rough it up to bond well for the new paint job. For this, it is advisable to use sandpaper.

Another measure in stair protection for your painted staircase is by use of Minwax Polycrylic. This is advised and is considered the best water-based poly for using to cover painted surfaces. It is reasonably pricy and works very well. It is advisable to apply it in a light coat, which lets each coat take time and dry before putting on another light coat.

Protecting painted staircases mainly depends on whether the paint is dry or wet. When wet, the best way would be keeping away from the staircases or covering them with a poly material. Using waterproof products for the paint before applying it protects the paint when dry and helps the paint to last longer. You can skip the hassle of protecting your painted stairs by consulting the experts. Trio Plus can supply you with high quality temporary floor and surface protection products. The best part is that they are available across the UK to cover every property’s staircase areas.