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How To Protect Indoor Sports Floors

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Sports halls are often used to accommodate a wide variety of non-sporting activities from school assemblies to pupils sitting exams. Although floors are resilient to the use of balls and trainers, heavy usage by people wearing non-sporting footwear can cause untold damage to the flooring.

Why is maintenance of indoor sports floors important?

The proper maintenance of indoor sports flooring is crucial because:

  • It is cost-effective – indoor sports flooring lasts longer so doesn’t need to be re-laid so frequently.
  • It ensures that flooring retains its non-slip surface, thereby avoiding possible injuries to athletes.
  • Without surface damage, the floor looks aesthetically pleasing.

What causes the most damage to indoor sports flooring?

There are a number of factors – related to the environment as well as usage – which cause damage to sports flooring. These include:

  • Extremes of temperature and humidity as well as direct sunlight.
  • Direct access from outside, bringing in dirt and debris on outdoor footwear.
  • Careless dismantling and/or transport of sports equipment, pianos, etc.
  • Incorrect cleaning materials used on surfaces.
  • Game lines renewed with adhesive tape.

How can you keep your sports floors in good condition?

It is very important that sports halls are well-ventilated, but with the necessary protection to ensure direct sunlight does not enter. RH (relative humidity) levels should fall within the 35-65% range otherwise the floor could be damaged.

When dismantling or moving equipment or other apparatus, care should be taken to make sure that it isn’t dragged along the floor. If a moving apparatus is used for heavier equipment, this should have rubber wheels and be free-running. Game lines should be correctly re-applied and the use of adhesive tape avoided.

To prevent dirt being carried in on outdoor footwear, entrance to the sports hall should be via an internal door. If this is not possible, barrier matting should be laid at external doors.

Cleaners must adhere to the floor manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to prevent damage caused by strong detergents. Any spills (for example, of liquids) should be wiped up as soon as they occur.

Why should you buy floor protection from Trio Plus?

Despite your best precautions, school performances and the exam period are times when the sports hall sees heavier foot traffic than usual. At such times, the best solution is to invest in temporary floor covering.

Trio Plus offers a quick supply of high quality, reusable temporary floor coverings and is available throughout the whole of the UK.