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Getting Started With Ram Board

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Ram Board is a hard floor cover that has won several accolades in the floor protection category. It is a robust floor cover that is suited to construction sites and heavy duty industrial operations. Ram Board is a favourite choice of floor protection professionals everywhere.

The Perfect Industrial Cover

Ram Board comes in rolls or different dimensions, making it easy to apply on a wide range of surfaces. It is the ideal cover for worksites and spaces that are exposed to the elements because it withstands surfaces of varying texture and dampness. Ram Board is highly durable, meaning that they can be used on a site for several months. It can also be transferred to other places after work is completed at a particular location.

Ram Board is designed in a way that makes it impact resistant because it is much thicker than the most commonly used covers such as rosin and masonite. It protects the floor from damage, especially during heavy usage. It can also be applied on surfaces in premises where heavy duty machinery such as forklifts due to its ability to absorb the impact of brute forces.

Suitable for Use on Construction Sites

Ram Board is ideal for use on construction sites due to its hardness. It features a 'Vapor Cure' technology which allows moisture to escape during the curing of concrete and other types of floors. It can also be used in construction projects where managers may not have time to wait for recently constructed surfaces to cure.

Ram Board is waterproof, making it suitable for construction sites with different levels of dampness. It is applicable to projects that require different shapes and sizes of floor cover because it is easy to cut. Ram Board comes in a highly portable roll that makes it easy to rollout on the floor. It can be a short term solution for surfaces that need expensive repairs or renovations.

Other Benefits

Ram Board is a very versatile floor cover that can be used for a wide range of hard floors such as marble, hardwood, slate and linoleum. It is environmentally friendly because all its components are recyclable. It does not leave behind ugly marks and residue on the surface.

If you need Ram Board to cover surfaces on your heavy duty industrial facilities or construction sites, order from Trio Plus. They are very responsive and have a reputation for supplying customers with high-quality floor and surface protection products across the UK.