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Choosing The Right Floor Protector Mats

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Floor protection is an essential feature, whether in the house, office and other spaces with floors. The right floor protector mat will help keep your floors from damages like scratches, which could be caused by different items like chairs. The market is packed with a wide range of mats from which to choose. Below are some factors to consider when choosing the best floor protector mat;

Which type of floor are you looking to protect?

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the right floor protector mat is the type of floor. The mats can be used for different kinds of floors, including office and house floors. The floors are also made of a wide range of materials such as Hardwood and tile floors. The type and material used on the floor will help you determine the kind of mat that you should get. For instance, Hardwood floors would require heavy-duty mats because they are vulnerable to damages from items like swing chairs.

Size of the mat

The size of the mat depends on the area where you wish to use the mat. For instance, if you want to use it under your chair, then you will need a mat size that is directly proportional to the size of the chair’s roll area. If you are using the mat to protect the floor space of your room, you will need a mat size that corresponds with the amount of floor space available. The same can be said about all indoor floor mats.


After determining the right mat size, you will need to determine the shape of the mat as well. The market is packed with a wide range of mat shapes from which you can choose. When determining the best option, you need to consider issues like your personal taste and lifestyle, the area where you want to use the mat, and the application as well.

Features of a Floor Protector Mat

Below are some basic elements that all floor protector mats should feature;

  • Waterproof - a good floor protector mat should be 100% waterproof. The point is to protect your floor from water and liquid penetration, which could cause harm.
  • Durability - a good floor protector mat should be strong and durable. You should be able to wash and handle it without having to worry about it getting damaged. It should also be resistant to impact hence offering adequate protection.
  • Non-toxic - the mat should also be free of chemicals and other substances that could cause harm to you or your floor. For instance, you do not want to get a mat that has chemicals that react with water to form a harmful substance.
  • When choosing the right mat for floor protection, it would be wise if you looked and weighed the pros and cons of different products before making the final decision. Consider your needs and all the factors mentioned above.