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Importance of Breathable Protection For Flooring

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When undertaking construction or renovations, either in commercial or residential properties, the floor is exceptionally critical. Whether concrete, marble, laminate, or hardwood, temporary floor protection is essential. In addition to preventing damage to the floor, the covering significantly improves traction during the numerous activities taking place on the surface.

There are different types of floor coverings, depending on the project. However, this article mainly narrows down to the breathable flooring protection and its importance.

Importance of Breathable Protection Flooring:

1. Allows new floor to cure.

As much as freshly finished surfaces and floors need protection, they also need time to cure. Use breathable protective material to allow air to pass through.

2. Continuous protection.

The breathable protective material can remain on the floor during the entire project, as opposed to non-breathable materials which need removal at every end-of-day.

3. Releases moisture.

During construction, the floor might hold in moisture. Breathable protection will ensure the release of the humidity, thus saving the floor from damage.

Depending on your preferences, there is a variety of breathable flooring protection. Be sure to select material that serves you in more than one purpose, for example, Ram board floor protection. This heavy-duty material rates as one of the top surface protection products, suitable for both commercial and residential construction projects.

Ram board is highly ranked for the following reasons:

1. Engineered for construction.

It has Spill Guard and Flex Technology that protects floors from water, paints and even mud, while its vapour permeable technology allows it to breath and cure.

2. Eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

This floor protection is reusable for years, and at the end of its life span, it is recyclable.

3. It saves time.

Installation is fast and lays flat. Also, it will remain intact till the completion of the project and rolled out after.

You can order Ram Board floor protection from Trio Plus. With almost 20 years of supplying temporary floor protection products, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Located in Surrey, Trio Plus has earned its position in the market for the following reasons:

1. Fast and free next day delivery on all orders in the UK Mainland.

2. A friendly service team on call to offer needed advice.

3. Availability of a wide range of surface protection products.

4. High quality and heavy-duty products in stock.

5. Affordable prices will give you value for your money.

Other related products supplied by Trio Plus include:

  • Carpet protection for stairs
  • Tack mats for entrance protection
  • Door and frame protection
  • Window and glass protection
  • Tapes and protection accessories, among others.
  • For any construction or renovation fixes, Trio Plus has the best protection solution for you.