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Best Winter Entrance Mats To Use

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With a huge volume of daily traffic, many floor entrance mats struggle immensely. Nowhere is this more noticeable than during those winter months. 

For this reason, having a specific winter entrance mat can make all the difference to your immediate environment.

Winter Entrance Mats Need to Be Durable
Many standard mat types are unable to cope with the increasing deterioration that winter causes.
With cold temperatures, rain, mud, snow, and salt, over prolonged periods, a mat can lose its effectiveness. Alongside the use of inadequate material, mats become prone to cracking and splitting.
These are not only unsightly but a huge risk to personal safety. What’s more, incorrect mats are a dirt and dust magnet. This makes them unhealthy for many environments demanding cleanliness.
This is where our sticky tac mats provide a solution.

Our Mats Are Well Renowned by All Industries
Our Trio Plus range of sticky tac mats are different from those standard types on the current market. With higher quality designing and construction, we only select the best materials, tried, and tested to meet industry standards.

We currently supply our products to:

• Hospitals
• Clinics
• Laboratories
• Construction Sites
• Commercial Areas
• Engineering
• Tattoo Studios
• Cleaning rooms

All these mats can be placed flat on the surface area required. When a sheet becomes dirty, you easily peel it off to reveal a fresh new one underneath.

Our Wide Range of Sticky Tac Mats
At our dedicated flooring premises, we have a selection of mats ready for purchasing straightaway. Or you can request a cutting to your specific requirements.
Whether collecting from our counter or ordering for next working day delivery, customers can choose from:
• Heavy-duty mats sized small, medium or large – These are suitable for interior use and offer 36 peelable layers for each mat
• Floor protection sheets from 30 to 60 sheets in variable sizes – A more sanitary product, these mats offer the ultimate of hygiene and ensure a dirt-free environment
• Unique rubber frames designed to be used with all our tac mats

Trio Plus Distribution Are the Experts in Protective Flooring Solutions
A company running for almost two decades now, Trio Plus Distribution has years of experience successfully matching the correct mat choice to the right entrance type.
Therefore, if you need further help in selecting a quality, ISO standard, and certified mat, be sure to make us your next choice.