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Benefits of Tac Mat Floor Protection

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High-traffic areas in work sites can look unsightly due to frequent exposure to dirt and dust as people and wheeled objects move in and out. A sticky Tac Mat is usually placed at high-traffic areas in workplaces to capture dirt and dust from the bottoms of shoes, wheels and other moving things. Sticky mats find great use in clean rooms, hospitals, construction sites, and any other areas that require protection from contaminants.

Purpose of Sticky Mats

The purpose of sticky mats is to prevent contaminants from getting into a work site with personnel, and dangerous materials from leaving the premises. Airborne particles that do not get eliminated via the ventilation system usually settle down onto the floor surface where they can be easily transported by people walking past them. Sticky mats are 99.9% effective if they are used in the right way. Each layer is peeled off as it gets dirty or worn out.

Benefits of Tac Mats

Sticky Tac Mat is made up of a multi-sheet adhesive structure that picks up contaminants on contact with the soles of shoes, wheels and other objects. These are some of the benefits of using Tac Mat Floor Protection:

How to Use a Sticky Tac Mat

  • Each sheet is tabbed and numbered, such that you peel off one as it gets dirty to reveal a clean one beneath it. The number labels are advantageous as they help you to know the number of sheets you have left.
  • These mats reduce dirt transferred between high traffic areas and workplaces.
  • The mats capture dirt and other contaminants on contact with bottoms of shoes and other moving objects before they are transferred from one place to another.
  • Using Tac mat floor protection helps to maintain a dirt-free environment for medical centres, tattoo parlours, manufacturing sites, clean rooms, data rooms etc.
  • They are not hazardous to the health of human beings or animals, and do not contain any hazardous chemicals.
  • These sticky mats meet the ISO quality standards.
  • The multi-layer mat is made up of 30 or 60 layers of adhesive coated PE film.
  • Open the Tac mat and put it on the surface you wish to guard from contaminants.
  • Remove the clear film before you use the mat.
  • The layer beneath the clear film is PE adhesive; therefore you need to be careful before placing anything on it. The 30th layer has double adhesive, so that it can stick on the surface on one side and the other to sheet above it.

Every Tac mat sheet has a number label to let you know how many sheets are left. The lifespan of the layers is dependent on the quantity of traffic passing over them per day.

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