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Benefits of Glass Protection Film

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You may have a glass window or door at home. While it is versatile, it also comes with danger and can also be broken with ease. Conventional glass is not built to resists forced entry, blown debris or any other force on its surface. A self-adhesive glass film from Trio Plus is placed on your glass window or door to provide additional protection and other benefits as stated below.

Eliminates the Glare

The glass protection film eliminates the annoying glare that comes with sunrays being reflected off the glass surface. Too much glare can make it impossible for you to sit on your deck, yard or even watch TV inside your house.

Protects the Occupants in Case of Shattering

The glass protection film holds on to the glass window when force is applied on its surface such that bits of shattered glass shrapnels do not fly all over the price. This prevents injury to the occupants of the house. Besides, it prevents extensive damage on the glass when small debris such as stones or softballs make holes at any point of the surface by absorbing the force that would have led to large cracks on the glass.

Increases the Home’s Energy Efficiency

Applying the glass protection film on your windows and doors increases your homes energy efficiency. The film is a bad conductor of heat, which prevents heat from escaping to the outside or even from the outside during hot months. Higher energy efficiency leads to lower energy bills.

Guards against Harmful UV Rays

UV rays penetrate glass material to cause burns and cancers to occupants in the house. Given that most people do not apply sunscreen when exposed to sunshine while in their homes, there is an increased risk of injury and disease from the sunlight. The protection film filters over 90 per cent of the UV rays getting into the house, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine without exposing yourself to the risk of diseases.

Protection from Scratching and Staining

If you live with pets or small children, there is an increased chance that they will scratch the glass while playing. If the glass is used in a building where construction or furnishing work is ongoing, there is an increased chance of getting stained by paint or mortar splashes. The film protects the glass from all of these risks thereby, ensuring that it remains clean and in its pristine conditions for a long time. Trio Plus also provides quality temporary floor and other surface protection products across the UK.