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Are FFP3 Face Masks Reusable?

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Most countries worldwide have enacted new requirements and recommendations on wearing masks, meaning the ordinary fabric masks cannot fully protect you. Although some individuals are tired of putting on face masks, a couple of countries advise their citizens to wear medical-grade respirators or surgical masks.

If you want to be safe against the deadly coronavirus, please wear ppe3 masks when visiting a store or going to a public gathering. Now, what are FFP3 face masks and where can you find the best? Keep on reading to find out more about these face masks.

PPE Face MasksWhat is the FFP3 Face Mask?

Merely put, it is a face mask just like any other face mask, only that it incorporates extra protection that makes it hard for the coronavirus to transmit. FFP3 face masks help protect against bacteria, viruses, liquid, and solid toxic aerosols.

Healthcare workers ordinarily use the masks as PPE (personal protective equipment). It’s worth noting the face masks are available in several variations. First, there is an FFP1 which assures a minimum filtration efficiency of about 80%. Second, you will find an FFP2 which is 94% effective. Lastly, we have the FFP3 that gives you 99% effectiveness against all airborne infectious viruses.

What’s more, an FFP3 mask comes with an ideal shape that fits your face. It also comes with a valve that makes it easy for you to breathe because the filtration material is reasonably thick.

Can You Reuse PPE3 Masks?

According to health experts, you should not reuse these masks after putting them on. Well, you cannot recognise infectious particles with your naked eye, so you will not tell whether the mask is contaminated.

The perfect solution is to purchase reusable face masks. However, if you must reuse the mask, you must make sure it’s not contaminated with the virus, and you had not been in contact with infected people.

Where to Buy the Best FFP3 Face Masks

If you are in the market for the ideal ppe3 masks, look no further than Trio Plus Distribution. Here, you will find all the personal protective equipment to help you stay safe against Covid-19. The masks consist of the following crucial features:

  • Triple folded shape.
  • Non-toxic material.
  • Multi structured with melt-blown and non-woven fabric cloth.
  • Adjustable nose fitting for a perfect fit.