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When To Use Different PPE Products

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The Corona virus pandemic found many of us by surprise and unprepared. For a business to stay open, there had to be a change in how both the staff and visitors interacted to minimise the virus's spread. While regular washing of hands and keeping a two-metre distance between people helps a lot, businesses need to provide more protection from the virus. Here are some types of personal protective equipment that can be used within a premise to protect against Covid-19.

Hand Protection

Inside a business premise, hands come into contact with many objects ranging from doorknobs, railings, and electric switches. All this surface can be grounds for the virus to stay, and washing our hands cannot be enough. That is why hands need to be protected by gloves. The gloves must stay on at all times.

Head protection

The mouth, eyes, and nose are home to the soft membrane through which the Corona virus enters the human body. It is essential then that these three organs are protected from the virus. Protective face masks are used to create a seal around the mouth and nose, creating a barrier that protects you from the virus. Additionally, the mask also prevents you from spreading the virus. The eyes are also protected by the use of goggles and face shields that block the virus from reaching the mucous membrane of the eye. Unless eating, this should be used all the time.


This type of protection includes aprons, shoe covers, headgear, and gowns, an extra layer of protection depending on the nature of the job you are doing. This is very important for medical staff if you are coming into contact with someone you believe or suspect to be having the virus. A special kind of glove is also needed for such instance

In any case, the type of protective gear to use greatly depends on the type of work that requires the gear. At Trio Plus, we have a range of protective gear that includes; sticky tac mats that remove dirt from shoes; protective face masks to protect the mouth and nose; and surface sanitiser products that ensure surfaces are virus-free. Any order for our personal protective equipment is shipped the same day or overnight for mainland UK.