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What Damages The Floor For Indoor Sports?

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Most people do not really think about it but the floor a sport is played on makes a huge difference to the game in question. Flooring for indoor sports is so much more than a hard surface with painted lines to inform players. It is specially constructed to withstand the harsh demands of athletes while also retaining special properties to help prevent injury. The floor needs to be looked after and if it is not, the consequences can be severe.

What Causes Damage?


While coloured strips of tape may seem like an obvious go-to for marking out court lines, it can cause damage over the long term. Often, when the tape is removed it also peels away some of the finish from the floor. What is left is a rough patch that will grow in size as that area gets used.

Temperature and Humidity

Different types of indoor sports flooring have different optimum temperates and levels of humidity. Of course, it is impossible to maintain both of these at a steady level. The key lies in preventing fluctuations from occurring too quickly or from being too large. If they are, then the surface is going to warp leaving it permanently deformed.

Dirty Wheels

Equipment is often carried back and forth on trolleys many times across the floor every single day. This is absolutely fine provided that the trolley and in particular its wheels have been properly looked after. Dirty wheels can leave marks that are hard or even impossible to remove while damage wheels can in turn damage the surface beneath them.

Heavy Loads

Speaking of equipment, you need to be careful how much pressure is being exerted on your floor at any given time. Remember, it is not just about weight but how well it is spread across an area. If the pressure is too great then there will be a permanent indent. If you need to place something heavy on the floor temporarily, then find something wide and soft that can be used as a buffer.


Do not use water to clean your indoor sports flooring. Water is by far the most damaging element examined so far and it only gets worse if you try and clean with it. Water wears away everything and that includes your floor and it will combine the warping caused by temperature and humidity with the wear caused by tape and more.

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