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What Are Correx Sheets Used For?

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In the modern world of technology, various inventions have been made that aim at making life simpler and easier. For more than 30 years now, Correx has replaced traditional materials such as hardboard and plywood. They are suitable for protecting multiple surfaces.

Read on to find out all about Correx sheets, what they are used for, and why you should use them.

What is Correx?

Corrugated plastic sheet, commonly known as Correx, is a tough, twin-walled, durable, and impact-resistant board that can be used for protection and other uses.

The twin-walled sheets are made of polypropylene and are plastic-like cardboard that is light in weight and very durable, making it suitable for both internal and external use.

A standard size sheet that is 1.2m x 2.4m suits most consumer needs. The sheets come packaged in compact rolls that are easy-to-handle.

What are The Uses of Correx Sheets?

Correx plastic sheets are mostly used for temporary floor and window protection. The standard size suitable for protecting floors and surfaces is 2mm thick, and variations are available according to the use it is meant for. There are, however, thicker Correx sheets that are up to 5mm thick. The thicker the Correx sheets, the better the impact resistance.

The sheets are widely used during renovation, reconstruction, or building projects as they are used to protect the floors and windows from damage, especially during the moving of furniture or other items that could cause damage.

Other than protecting floors and surfaces, the Correx plastic sheets are also popularly used to make signboards. This can be achieved by printing the sheets and is a far better choice than laminated paper or cards as they are very durable and lightweight.

This technique is commonly seen in Estate Agent signboards, construction signboards, directional signage.

The Correx Hard floor protection sheets, the black or white PVC Floor Tape, and the Silver Cloth Tape are available for purchase from the Trio plus distribution store.

Advantages of the Correx Plastic Sheets

  • They are crack-resistant therefore very economical to purchase and use.
  • They are very strong and durable hence very flexible.
  • 100% recyclable, meaning that they are very friendly to the environment and would not cause any hazard.
  • They are resistant to water and moisture; therefore, they are perfect for internal and external use.
  • The sheets are standard and tailor-made with good resistance to chemicals.
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