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Types of Carpet Protection Products

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Walking into your house after a party and seeing the damage on your carpet is the worst feeling ever. You can avoid all this by adding carpet protection on your carpets when you have guests or while you have construction underway. You can prevent spills, burns and paint spills on your carpet and keep it clean no matter the traffic. If your office reception area keeps getting dirty and you have to replace the rug over and over, then it is time to put protection on your carpet.

1. Carpet protection for flat areas

If you own a company and you are worried that your floor carpet will not be appealing, then getting rug protection is the ideal decision for you. Get a thick product that durable and does not split easily. The flat areas protection can be used in commercial, residential and industrial areas. Moreover, the protection is easily removed from the carpet, and it is easy to apply without damaging your carpet. The protection film leaves your carpet looking good as new and prevents it from getting spills and stains that make it look old and ugly.

2. Heavy duty carpet protection

This product is excellent if you are expecting to have a lot of guests in your place. The heavy-duty stair and carpet protection works excellently and you don’t have to worry about your guests walking all over in stilettos. Moreover, the protection is excellent for your stairs as well as the flat floor. The protection is easy to apply and super easy to remove once you are done using it. Additionally, it is waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about wine and water getting to your carpet. It is also painted resistant, and if you have builders in your home, you can be at ease.

3. Standard protection

This standard protection product is used to protect your carpet from stains and spills. It is great to use when you have a small function in your home, and you are not expecting a lot of guests. It is great for any last minute events like a party, unexpected renovation in your home and decorating protection. The protection is slim, and you can barely notice it is there once you have it in place. The product has an eco-friendly adhesive which ensures that the carpet is covered entirely and it is easily removed and applied.

Protect your carpet from dirt and damage by guests and get protection for your carpets. Ensure that you choose the highest quality protection that will prevent your rug from any damage.For help and advice on choosing the right floor protection products for your environment, please contact us at Trio Plus Distribution on 01372 747 555 or enquire online.