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Top Tips for Protecting Indoor Sports Floors

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Indoor sports floors experience extreme wear and tear due to the numerous activities in the facilities. The heavy machinery used in gym and other indoor sports facilities contributes to the deterioration too. Also, specific times of the year like winter are the busiest as events such as basketball games, winter dances and holiday parties happen during these periods, and this takes a toll on the floors. Given that most indoor sports flooring are made of wood, replacing the surfaces is pretty expensive, not to mention the amount of time required for the exercise. As such, it is imperative to take care of the flooring from the onset. This guide highlights essential tips for such an exercise.

Apply Coating

Experts recommend applying a solvent-based oil-modified urethane during the initial years of sports flooring as it is flexible. Wooden floors expand, stretch, contract and swell hence, the need to use a softer product that changes with the floor. The product should be applied after two or three years of installation to ensure it gets into the grooves. Once the floor is established, the institution should consider applying water-based finishes during routine maintenance. A while ago, oil-based finishes were all the rage. Today, however, water-based acrylic polymers make the best coating given the reduced VOCs (volatile organic compounds) used that allow the indoor sports flooring to dry fast. You also want to avoid natural finishes as they wear out more quickly than their oil alternatives or water-based finishes.

Placing Doormats at Entrances

Proper maintenance of indoor sports flooring begins at the entrance. That’s why it is essential to place a good walk-off mat at the door. It takes off dirt, snow, ice, mud and other types of debris that damage a floor. Such particles create friction and dull the appearance of the floor.

Inspect the Floor for Signs of Damage

Routine inspection helps identify early signs of damage such as concentrated wear and tear or cracks. A little vigilance goes a long way to ensuring problems are fixed early on before they aggravate and lead to costly repairs.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

Sports facilities are high-traffic areas that can make it difficult to clean. However, with all the sporting activities taking place, the floor takes a real beating from the dances, basketball games, assemblies and other events. You can create a schedule that includes spot cleaning, dust mopping and buffing. Be sure to use manufacturer-approved cleaning products when spot cleaning to remove stubborn scuff marks.

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