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Where Sticky Tac Mats Are Used

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Also known as tack mats, sticky mats are mostly used in specialist applications. They come with adhesive surface and are placed in entrances to get rid of contaminants from the bottom of the footwear. They are an excellent example of engineering control with the intention of hazard control.

How Sticky Mats Work

Once the surface of the mats become saturated with dirt to the extent that they become less effective, the dirty layer can be ripped off to reveal a new one. Even after you have used up all the layers, you don’t have to budget for a new mat. Instead, you can get replacements, and you are good to go.

In case your visitors are coming in with a lot of dirt stuck on their heels, you can use a sticky tack mat with double layers to remove the dirt. This is a highly effective mat that is meant to be used when it is extremely dusty outside the building. Usually, it contains a bi-level entrance mat alongside the tacky mat. It could be used for moisture, dirt, and dust stopper at the same time. Therefore, it is essential to consider your environment before you choose the right type of mat to use.

Where the Tac Mats Are Best Used

Sticky mats are mostly used in an area where cleanliness is highly prioritised. While reading this, it is easy to think that these mats can be used at the entrance of your house. However, in this case, we are talking about fine dust and moisture particles in sensitive areas. Therefore, the most appropriate areas that the sticky tac mats could be used include laboratories, healthcare facilities, factories, rooms with sensitive equipment, sports halls, and other clean rooms. However, you could still use the sticky tac mats in your home if you have sensitive sections that do not require dust and moisture.

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