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How To Protect Office Carpet From Chair

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Tips on How to Protect Your Capet From Office Chair Wheels

An office chair is a must-have for any office set-up, either at home or at work. Nowadays, our offices also have carpets for decoration and easier cleaning. Office chairs are the most preferred as they allow seated mobility in the room, but the problem is that they can damage your carpet. Moving around with the office chair can cause indentations in your carpet or even tear through if they are broken. You can, however, solve this problem through simple solutions such as changing the chair wheels, using a chair floor mat or replacing the office chair.

Using a Chair Floor Mat

Carpet protection using a chair floor mat is the best option to protect your office carpet from indentations. These mats are relatively inexpensive, plus they are also designed for this purpose. Another advantage of using a carpet protector mat is that it makes movement on the carpet easier, thus preventing leg strain. They can also help whenever there are spill accidents.

You should, however, look for the best quality from a trusted supplier to avoid substandard mats that won’t serve you for long. If you are in the UK, you can make use of locally manufactured carpet protection products from Trio Plus for quick supplies and good quality.

Replace Your Office Wheels

The type of your office wheels is a huge determiner of whether you will end up with a ruined carpet or not. There are only two types of office chair wheels; plastic and roller-blade style wheels. Cheap and low-quality wheels cause more damage than high-quality rollers blade style wheels. If your office chair design allows replacement of the wheels, you can replace the low-quality wheels with high-quality roller blade style wheels. These wheels are available at affordable prices and replacement does not require professional help, plus you will have a smoother rolling and less worry about having dirt stuck on the wheels.

Replace the Office Chair

If you want a long lasting solution and your office chair design does not allow the replacement of the wheels, you can opt to buy a new office chair. This option comes last because purchasing an office chair is more costly than buying a mat or replacing the wheels, but it can also make sense if your office chair is also in bad condition. This time you can look for an office chair with high quality wheels to help you move freely and minimise the possibility of damaging your office carpet.