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How To Install Carpet Protection Film

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Carpet protection film is a great way to keep your carpet looking like new for years. Many people choose not to install it because they think the installation process is too difficult, but we'll show you how easy that can be.

Some of the different situations where you may need carpet protectors include:

● Moving into a new office space.

● Pets which leave dirt onto your carpet all of the time.

● Employees or visitors who are coming in and out of your office on a regular basis.

If you're dealing with any of these situations, then it may be time to invest in carpet protection film.

The process is not difficult and you can be on your way with a clean, new looking office space just by following these steps:

The Three Stages of Carpet Protection

Installations are done in three stages:

1) Preparation

● Clean the floor and vacuum

● Make sure to remove all of the furniture from your room

● Measure how much film you'll need for each section, cut it with a utility knife or razor blade, then peel off one side of the protective backing.

Remember that this is not permanent so if you mess up installation, don't worry - just start over again!

Apply adhesive at the corners first by spreading with fingers or using a piece of masking tape as an applicator; try to avoid overlapping onto already applied pieces. Then place the top edge down into position and press firmly along the entire length. Pinch every few inches while pulling slowly back toward yourself to keep

2) Installation

Installing a carpet protector is easy. First, you measure the size of your room and then cut the carpet protector to that size. Next, install as normal with any necessary special cuts required for doorways or electrical outlets along the perimeter edge.

3) Securing the Carpet Protector

The final step is adding staples every 12 inches in three rows across the back. This is necessary to prevent the carpet protector from flipping over when people walk on it.

How do I protect my carpet when decorating?

A common question we get when people start planning their room is how to protect the carpet during the decorating process.

Carpet protection film can be used as an affordable alternative to heavy padding or plastic sheeting, and it's a smart way of protecting your investment in new carpet that you've just laid down.

Installation of this product is easy--you simply lay it on top of your existing carpet after vacuuming up any dirt particles and before laying out furniture; then, once all moving has finished, use a paper towel dipped in water to wipe away the adhesive residue left behind from installation. It'll last for years!

Beware: if you have hardwood floors underneath then don't apply the film over them.

What is the best carpet protector?

For office moves, renovations or building projects where there's a lot of dirt and heavy equipment being moved around, it can be difficult to keep your new carpet pristine. A great option when having to move furniture too is using a film made specifically for carpets like protection film from Trio Plus.

How do I protect my carpet from building work?

We offer a range of products to suit your needs, starting with the simple protector that is just like a second carpet and can be used over any type of flooring.

Carpet protectors are effective at preventing carpets from getting dirty by trapping dirt on top of it so you don't have to worry about sweeping every day.

How can I protect my carpet?

We have carpet protectors and film that will cover all your needs. Whatever the project, we have you covered for carpet protection.

Carpet protection for flat areas is perfect if you don't have any stairs or elevations in your home. However, if you do have stairs, you'll need to keep in mind that a stair carpet protector will protect the steps and not your entire floor.

For more information on how to protect your carpets from building work and other issues call our experienced team today!

In Conclusion

Carpet protection film is a great way to protect the carpeting in your home. It can be installed over any type of floor covering and it comes with an adhesive backing that will stick to most surfaces, so installation is easy for anyone who has ever peeled tape from their fingers. Installing this protective material usually takes no more than 10 minutes per room, but you should plan on at least 45 minutes if there are many rooms or stairs involved. The best time to install carpet protection film is when the carpets have been freshly cleaned because dirt particles may cause bumps under the temporary coverings once they’ve dried out again. If you want help installing some carpet protection or have questions about which product would work best for your needs, please call us at Trio Plus on 01372 747 555.