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Carpet Protection FAQs

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Carpets are a necessity in the house. They create a warm ambience for the house with an addition of colour. Consequently, they need to be protected from dirt, humidity that makes them dump, stains from the spilt liquid substances. However, there are a lot of questions concerning how carpets can be protected, how to use a carpet protector, which materials can be used and how to ensure that they are in place.

How do I protect my carpet?

A carpet can be protected by an adhesive that is available right here at Trio Plus. A plastic film material which averts the dirt from sticking can be placed on the carpet. However, there are a variety of products to be used such as heavy-duty protectors. This depends on the preferences of the customer.

How can I protect my carpet?

It can be protected by applying an adhesive carpet film that is ready in the market. An excellent substantial 100- micron, that is, a strong film. Also, they are easy to apply on the stairway and the durability takes over 5 years to replace it. The quality also ensures the reliability of the product and its maintenance in ensuring the carpet is clean.

Can you use the RAM board on the carpet?

RAM board is highly discouraged on the carpet. Ram board can be used directly to the floor in most cases. It may be less efficient when placed on the carpet as it is used commercially by contractors. A carpet protector will require lighter materials ranging from 2-3 mil film.

How do you keep plastic carpet runners in place?

This is possible through the use of rubber strips that range about 2-4 inches wide depending on the space covered by the carpet. The strips are adhesive thus when applied on the plastic runner they hold it firm to the ground. The strips should be in place before stretching the carpet. This keeps the carpet firm on the surface.

Carpet protectors are readily available here at Trio Plus. We offer durable protectors that range from heavy-duty to standard protectors depending on the customer’s choice. The variety in the products makes us a leader in the home and decor industries. The products to be used in protecting the floors are offered in consideration of customer satisfaction. Therefore, consulting is a major key in choosing the best product for the house.

To enquire about our floor or carpet protection products, please call us on 01372 747 555 or contact us online.