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Benefits of Stair and Carpet Protectors

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Whether at home or in commercial and industrial properties, staircases and reception areas are high traffic zones which are usually more at risk from wear and tear than other areas. If you have an event taking place, or renovation or building work going on, carpet in these areas can be at even higher risk from spills, dirt and grime, and require professional cleaning which can be expensive and inconvenient. Carpet protectors and carpet protection film offer a solution to this problem by providing highly efficient protection against spills and damage.

Types of Carpet Protector

There are a wide range of carpet protectors available to suit both domestic and commercial uses. Here at Trio Plus, we have carpet protectors available in a range of thicknesses from standard, which is suitable for light traffic areas, to super heavy duty which is suitable for use in areas where there may be building work or heavy foot traffic. Some features to look out for when choosing carpet protection include a self-adhesive backing to make fitting quick and easy and a non-slip surface for enhanced safety.

Benefits of carpet and Stair Protectors for your Home

Whether you are decorating or hosting a party or event, increased footfall and the risk of spillages need not be a concern when the area is properly covered. Carpet and stair protection not only protects against dirt and grime but also can protect the carpet against damage from construction or stiletto heels.

Benefits of carpet and Stair Protectors for Tradespeople

When working on a clients home, one way in which you can make a great impression is to show respect and care for their belongings by providing adequate protection. By choosing carpet protectors, you can be sure that the carpets are fully protected from dust, dirt, paint and heavy footfall in the area. At the end of the job, clean up will be quick and easy, and you will build a good reputation and be more likely to gain new customers through word of mouth.

Benefits of carpet and Stair Protectors for Commercial and Industrial Premises

Ensuring that the carpet protection you are using does not cause any health and safety issues is always important in any building but is especially so in industrial or commercial premises. By using our floor protectors, you can be safe in the knowledge that they have been specially designed for the job and have safety features such as being non-slip.